Drainage & Sewer Contractors Beaconsfield


Drains are one of the hardest working elements in both residential and commercial properties, but we often don’t think about their maintenance and upkeep until something goes wrong. 

For proven and effective drain and sewer repairs and cleaning services you need a professional team, trusted by clients right across Melbourne. You need Cann Constructions. 

When they work with our drainage contractors, Beaconsfield residents will experience the quality of customer service and professionalism that comes from 25 years of experience. 

Our team is able to quickly find and accurately assess any problem you may be having with your property’s drainage, before suggesting the best and most direct course of action or service moving forward. 

We are proud to be the preferred contractors for both City West Water and South East Water, delivering comprehensive drainage and sewer maintenance and repairs for business and homes alike. 

Utilising the latest, specialist equipment, the Cann Constructions team will make quick work of even the most severe drainage or sewer issue.  

Hiring our professional contractors means you are investing in a swift and cost-effective solution to whatever problem you may be faced with. Don’t get fooled by the countless DIY plumbing and drainage processes that are marketed online, with these methods often failing to resolve the issue for simply make thing worse. 

When you want lasting solutions and qualified assistance, there is simply no substitute for the trained and trusted team at Cann Constructions. 

Our services include: 

  • Stormwater pit construction 
  • Sewerage and stormwater reticulation 
  • Laser guided microtunneling 
  • De-watering 
  • Sewer maintenance hole (manhole) construction 

When they’re searching for a reliable team of drainage contractors ‘near me’, Beaconsfield residents know to call Cann Constructions on 03 9775 0624.